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We are Graphics Experts Ltd, an Offshore Outsourcing Team dedicated to your satisfaction! We can provide you with a variety of services customized to your needs. We strive to make sure you are happy, that’s why we try to work with you so everything is within your budget, prompt, and just what you asked for!

Our Services

A clipping path is the selection of multiple points within a photo; around a chosen person, place, or thing. Once the clipping path is completed you can use the silhouette to insert into other photos or articles. More about
An image mask is used to preserve an area of an image from any alterations while still allowing the unmasked portion of the image to be modified. This allows the quality of the image to be improved more efficiently. More about
Image manipulation changes the giving image into a more desirable photo. It is the altering, editing, or transformation of the chosen photo by manipulating different features such as saturation, color, or tone. More about
Image retouching or the alteration of an illustration, graphic design, or artwork is done through color adjustments, image manipulation, the introduction of new features, or the removal of unwanted details. More about
Color adjustment is used to enhance, edit, and correct the color and tone. Color adjustments can change the photo from one exposure to another; alter the hue and saturation, change the photo to black & white, and much more. More about
Shadow creation in an image is the darkening of an existing shadow, or the creation of a new one within the image. This is used to simulate time of day, depth, or enhance the details. More about
Photo editing is a technique used to change an image. It can refer to the manipulation of and image, cropping, alteration of colors, or to insert or remove specific feature from the image. More about
Graphic design is a visual and textual combination to create appealing content. This content is considered a work of art, as well as, a skill set. It is used in many forms from video games to newspapers. More about
An illustration is a drawing, artwork, visual explanation, or interpretation that is used with text. An illustration is found in published media such as teaching materials, billboards, films, commercial art, and magazines etc. More about
Web image optimization refers to the name and descriptions of your image, the alt tag used, diminutions, file size, proper file type, and use of site maps. Optimal web images will need be tested as well to ensure the quality. More about
Vehicle enhancement is the enhancement of vehicles image to improve the look and design. It is used to brighten the features, remove imperfections, and create a vivid vehicle perception that is more pleasing to the viewer. More about
The restoration of an image allows you to remove defects from the image and restore it to its original beauty. You may need to restore an image because of smudges, blurs, or mis-focus. More about

Graphics Experts Ltd. Proffesional Graphic Design Company

We specialize in several services including: Photoshop Clipping Path, Cut-out Product Image, Background Removal, Image Masking, Image Manipulation, Image Retouching, Shadow Creation, Color Adjustments, Web Image Optimization, Logo Design, Vehicle Image Enhancement, Automobile Inventory Background Services, Illustration, Image Editing and several other graphic design services we can offer to you! We wanted to branch out even further to make sure all of your needs are met, so we can even offer Car dealer background replacement services! Brand & E-commerce solutions and our Jewelry Retouching services include: all kinds of imaging solutions. With all the technology we have at our fingertips in today’s world, you’d be crazy if you didn’t take advantage of all the advertising and marketing opportunities!

Here's our promise to you: Quality products, fast time, the best prices! We want to make sure people from all walks of life can be happy with our goods and services, so we’ve made sure we can rise to every occasion. Not all graphics teams are created equal and you have to work to come out on top. Let us show you how much we deserve the spot we’ve worked for and we’re sure you’ll quickly agree with us that we are the best of the best.

As an Offshore Outsourcing Team, we know we can provide you with the graphics products and services you need. We use only the best web design locations Image Trader Company, Graphic Design Agency, Automotive Industry, Photographer, Photo Studios, Pre-press Companies, E-Commerce and all the other ICT locations we use to ensure your total product satisfaction. We are the top graphic experts with the prices to match! You should be able to get the graphics you need for a price that won’t blow away your savings.

We know how difficult it can be to find a quality time for a reasonable price, which is why we’ve worked so hard to be able to get our prices to where they are now and keep our superior quality the same. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call now! Let us know what we can do for you today so you can get your product as soon as possible!

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Why do You Use Our Graphics Team?

Quality First and Low Cost Service

Always triple-check quality control

SSL Secure Image Transfer Protocol

24 hours customer support & Service available 24/7- 365 days

Monthly payment schedule available & Volume discount

We are offering trial period for how efficient, quality and time keeping

We use data Management Software for the Fast Pace Service

Our producing site at a lowest employee charge region called Bangladesh

All experts are the student’s graduates of Graphic Arts


Frequently Asked Questions

All these FAQs are based on common scenario but if you need to know anything more then please contact us on support@graphicsexpertsbd.com so we will try to provide you instant answer, or call you back with an appropriate answer within agreed time frame.

  • What are your working times?

    Any time, any day; we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Try us!
  • How long does it take for my job to be finished?

    Completion time depends on the complexity and quantity of your project; we will let you know the turnaround time when we receive your order or request for a quotation. Most times you can expect a delivery within 24 hours; however smaller jobs as for 10, 20 or 40 images can be delivered in up to 6 or 12 hours. We understand sometimes the work is urgent and we want to support as much as we can in these cases. Just let us know and we will give you priority.
  • Is there a minimum order requirement?

    There are no minimums or maximums with Graphics Experts Ltd. Send your images, no matter the size, and you will get the same great results, because small businesses are as important as big ones.
  • How can I upload or download my images?

    We have a large selection of websites in which you can easily transfer and receive your images through our website or sendspace.com dropbox.com, and wetransfer.com. You may also send and receive it via secure FTP.
  • What happens if I’m not happy with a completed image?

    Thanks to GEL highly skilled DTP professionals, our customers rarely find any problem with their images. If this happens, don’t worry, send us an email and our company will have ASAP. This service is complimentary, and you wouldn’t need to pay anything extra. You can reject through our website. Your payment will go my credit. You can use the credit further orders.
  • Can I set up a weekly or monthly payment?

    Yes, we have an option for that. We have many clients who send us ongoing work throughout the year. If this is your case you can set up a weekly or monthly payment system. Every time you send us an order, we will add it to your one invoice with all the details including date, batch number, quantity, type of service required and price. Before you pay every week/month you will be able to check if everything is ok and then make a payment.
  • How could you afford such a low and competitive pricing?

    Our production based in a low labor cost region, where our group of in house skilled DTP professionals works to perfection. The accuracy and time efficiency of their work allows us to serve more clients better and with more competitive prices.
  • How can you guarantee your work?

    All our in house DTP professionals are highly trained in the kind of work they will be doing for you. With several years of experience and customer care, GEL’s professionals guarantee the excellent quality of their job. We check all work up to three times before sending it to you and we do everything we can to build a long term trusting relationship with you, our valuable client.
  • How do I pay Graphics Experts Ltd?

    First you will receive your completed work and you will be able to revise it. Once you are happy with it, we will send you the invoice with all the details you need to pay, including a link. You can also login to your account to see/view/print your invoices and make payments. You can set up a monthly payment scheme for ongoing work. We accept Paypal, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Solo or Direct Debit. You have also have the option to transfer the payment to our bank account UK or BD or send us a cheque if you are in the UK.
  • Do I need to make a deposit?

    Absolutely! GEL has two options you can make payment along with submitting the order or only accepts your payment if you are 100% satisfied. But made payment before is most priority.
  • How do I place an order?

    Sign up for a free account if you are new, it only takes 2 minutes. Login to your account, using your username and password. Upload your images and submit the Order form.
  • Need more help?

    Learn more about contact to support@graphicsexpertsbd.com.
  • Can you tell me when the images are processed and done?

    Sure! You will receive an email once your images are done and ready to download.
  • Do you give a volume discount?

    Sure! We have custom rates for clients who come to use and wish to process more 10,000 images monthly. You may contact our managers by filling out this form if you fulfill the minimum requirement.
  • Can I get a free trial?

    Most definitely! If you have many images to process and before you confirm the order you want to check the quality by having one or two image done, please let us know. However, there are some sample images already available here that you can download PSDs sample and check the quality. Also don't forget that we offer risk free services- have your job done first, check the quality, and then you pay
  • Is my FTP account safe and secure?

    Yes, you can rest assured. We create individual FTP accounts for every single customer with unique username and password. We highly recommend you use FileZilla to “Graphics Experts Ltd” FTP site, which can be found at https://filezilla-project.org/
  • Can I get an official receipt?

    Definitely! The official invoice will be given along with your work details.
  • Are all my images safe and secure with GEL?

    100% yes. All our personnel have signed a non-disclosure agreement where they commit themselves to not taking any images out of the workplace or use it for any other purposes than for the job you require. Our entire equipment is also protected by firewall for inbound and outbound security and we use the latest antivirus protection in every computer.
  • Can you standardize my images for e-commerce solutions?

    Most definitely! Our eBay and Amazon-approved standardization documents are available for e-commerce solutions to sweeten your Amazon web shop images.
  • Will my images be used for commercial purposes?

    Absolutely not. We guarantee that all your images will be destroyed after completion of work and we will not use, sell or share any of them with third parties without consent.
  • What format will the final images be?

    We are flexible and can work with your given requirements. We can provide almost any kind of format: if you just need clipping path then we will use JPG but if you need masking then we will send them in PNG, PSD or TIFF. Have something in mind already? You can always let us know which format you prefer.
  • What type of files do you accept?

    Feel free to send us any file, whether it is JPG, TIFF, PSD or EPS. However, we recommend JPG files to save time if your final requirement is ok with this format. Please feel free to send us what is best for you.
  • How can I receive a quotation and within how long?

    Visit the quote request page. Upload your images, fill in and submit the form. You can expect a reply within ONE HOUR.
  • Is there a maximum size limit?

    No, there are no limitations on the file size or amount of pictures you can send us. However bear in mind that our online uploader can’t upload file bigger than 64MB (each file), but you can upload as many smaller files as you need at once. If you have a file bigger than 64MB you will need to use the FTP system. Send us FTP Request.

What They Said About Us

I continue to be amazed every time I place an order with this provider. The work gets better every time. I will continue to get my job done here!!!!!!
Ashraf: Creative Design House
Outstanding experience and highly recommend!
Stuart Bogaty: Automotive Car Dealer
This is the best experts; I've had on GEL yet!!! I'm extremely satisfied with services and the attention to detail is amazing!!!!
S.m. Rishad: Icon Outsourcing Ltd
Wasn't sure what to expect but I am very pleased with the quality of work. Delivery was exceptionally fast as well.
Jenni: Commercial Photography

We work with some very happy clients. We was the perfect partner to provide an easy to clients solution ensuring high quality, professional DTP. We has already more than 4000 clients, almost all of them are regular those who give us work everyday. GEL is processing more than 8000+ images in a day. We have a Trial Period program, where trial periods will also help our potential customer to judge us among others. By checking the trial period, customer can check how efficient we are in terms of our quality and time keeping on that particular job and fast pace service before to enter into a 'Service Level Agreement', customer can leave the feedback in our site about the trial images. No creditcard required, to give us trial period images you need to create an account here.


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