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Graphics Experts LTD is one of the best and largest image manipulation company based in UK and Bangladesh. The founder and CEO of this organization is Mr Mamun Molla who is a Nephew and student of Dr. R K Molla. Mr Mamun began his graphic design training in the shade of Dr. RK Molla and gradually completed his certification in this field. Dr. RK Molla, who was the professor of famous Universities of graphics arts in USA. He taught digital pre-press for the Graphic Design department of Arts Institute of Pittsburgh. Dr. RK Molla also wrote a book about Electronic Color Separation of Drum Scanner which was published in 1988 using by more than 50 schools in the USA. The CEO of this company has been inspired by his uncle and started a pre-press and design house in 2003 nationally and internationally we go December 2012.

Mamun discovered the demand and necessity of graphical arts and image manipulation service in the world market hence. He already build thair some leading website Best Car Image Editing, Photoshop Expert India, Premium Clipping Path and Image Enhance India which is brand and operate Graphics Experts Ltd (GEL) to provide outstanding offshore outsourcing Clipping Path, Image Editing, Vehicles Image Enhancement and Graphics Design services to some of the world renowned company. Mr Mamun Molla also Founder at Clipping Path Work House. GEL has already served more than 4000 companies around the world and almost all of are still giving regular job.

What we offer - About Us

Every business needs to brand itself. Branding is essential in creating an image of your business, building your business name, and building an audience. Part of branding is graphics design – creating the images that you will use as a business, like logos. These are what people will see and remember when it comes to your business so you want them to be good. Graphics design services can make sure that your images look exceptional, that they fit your brand, and that they meet your expectations.

The Service

Graphics design covers images designed for businesses. Nearly every image you need comes from this services – with logos being one of the biggest and most important. For your business to succeed, to appeal to a larger audience, and to portray your brand accurately, you need the right images. These come from such services, giving you access to every type of image you need.

Your Brand

When you have high quality images, you can build your brand. Your brand will start from these images, growing into the voice, products, and services that people associate with it. When they think about what you offer or when they see your image, they will immediately think of you. With branding logo design & stationary design, you can stay in people’s minds.

Graphics Experts Ltd (GEL) can help your business to maximize profits and appeal to a wider audience. By giving your business access to high quality images, manipulating images to fit your needs and message, you can do more. Photoshop clipping path, image cut-out services, and background remove services all help you to achieve professional, clean images for your business.

Our services will get you the look that you need and exceptional final results. You will want to use these images for your business, whatever it is you plan to do with them. They will do what you want them to do and exceed your expectations.

The difference is clear and remarkable. GEL services work to grab your customers and make you widely appealing. Services like clipping path, image cut-out, and background removal can ensure that you get the image you want. Remove backgrounds, add what you need, and create a professional, clean look.

When you have such images, your profits, appeal, and overall interest go up. People go to you, they trust you, and they want more of what you have to offer. Good images, those that portray your business in a professional light, will help immensely in your success and continued growth. They are the photos you need.

When you want the best of the best for your vehicles enhancement, you can depend on our high-quality image background replacement technology to make your stock become vibrant and alluring. Because our tech and capabilities are so unique and expressive, the entire automatically initiated service is a perfect match for all our clientele. Whether you want to change the vehicles background or improve the aesthetic of the image itself, you can feel confident in the results. By simply recording or photographing the stock in question, you can watch your selection come to life with basic replacement and used car dealers image enhancement.

The Best Solution for Vehicles Enhancement

There is nothing complicated or confounding about our process. Each and every aspect is carefully attended to without sacrificing timeliness. We recognize that the most important thing for all of our customers is to get the perfect replacement and used car dealers image enhancement in a quick and easy fashion. In most cases, our changes for your photos takes less than two hours, which means you’ll have the new images up on your site in no time. Every facet is eye-catching and original, with unique and impressive qualities.

Our image editing services are top of the line here, and we are fully capable of taking care of anything you need. All of our technological advances are oriented around fulfilling the customization interests of our clients, but that doesn’t mean it costs more for you to have the best image editing available on the market. We offer several standard image editing solutions in addition to our clipping path options, image masking selections, image manipulation and retouching alternatives, color adjustments, shadow creation amenities, graphic designs, illustrations, web-image optimization, vehicle enhancement, and brand logo modification.

You might be wondering what some of these terms designate—especially clipping path vs image editing, since the two are often mistakenly switched as synonyms—and everyone at the office is more than happy to help you figure out what you want. Our team is fully specialized to craft and construct the perfect visual for whatever you need, from product promotion to personal interest, and using image editing for e-commerce solutions is a great way to improve your current business portfolio. You can have your photos altered in any way that you desire to up your company ante.

Who we are about us

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission is to turn out to be a leading and highly reliable image enhancement services providing company specially image processing services to businesses (clients), customers as well as individuals. We attempt to offer high quality image enhancement services at most competitive rates and ensure high quality within agreed timeframe. We are confident that we would leave no gap in our endeavour to become one of the most preferred image enhancement services company in the industry.

    At Graphics Experts Ltd, our motive would be to increase your business capability through reliable and accurate image processing tasks. As a professional image processing company we value our clients and their business and try our best to go above their expectations by offering world class services. In order to backing our mission speech we always stand by the following factors.

    Quality: Quality is an essential element and a major part of what we do. We ensure that whatever we prepare and whatever we deliver follows strict quality standards so that you get accurate and error free results all the time.

    Time keeping: Timing is one of the main factor for us as we always try to deliver our services on time always focusing on Client’s requirements. We strive to know what exactly are the business goals of our client and what is their vision and then we work out the best solution.

    Value added business: We value the business of our clients and our respected partners. We constantly look out for unique ways to further develop the business capability of our clients through operational services.

    Integrity: We pursue to build long lasting relationships with all our clients, trade partners, staffs through open and clear communication. Our service providing team is always ready to help our clients and partners in all potential ways and get confidence and respect by establishing absolute sincerity and honesty at work.

  • Our Vission

    The vision is to retain 100% accuracy, and to deliver high quality services on time for every assignment we take. Our aim is to support the client by all our outsourcing back office technology tasks and to precisely and effectively complete these tasks. We visualize a client affiliation that is based on belief and confidence and mutual success. It is our plan to provide the best image enhancement services so that your team can focus on core skills and corporate goals – secure in the knowledge that Graphics Experts Ltd will produce the right outcomes at the right time for the right price!

    • Quick transformation time and effective communication.
    • Preserve development in our buyers' brand helping return back the return on investment
    • Manage industry standard quality with cost-effective price.
    • Develop our skills, gather experience with managing international projects.
    • Provide highest competitive package into the employees.
  • Our Strategy

    We have been servicing through about the organization from 2003 with good reputation nationally and internationally goes December 2013 providing best quality image editing and graphic design services. We help our clients to return back the return on investment (ROI) through expertise, experience and competitive cost. We don't compromise about our quality and quick turnaround time regarding outsourcing task. Our dedicated quality assurance team is committed to supply error free final delivery of every digital as well as Clipping Path & Image Enhancement service production. We always try to deliver the highest quality work that leads to the financial rewards for the clients.

    Who We Are
    Our company is an enthusiastic and dedicated team of experienced Graphic Designers, Imaging Solutions, Automotive Industry and programmers together with support staffs. Our company is a leading outsourcing company of IT facilitated services.

    What We Do
    We are providing Clipping Path vs Background Remove, Image Editing, Vehicles Enhancement and Graphics Design solution to of our national and international clients.

      Key Points

    • Founded internationally in 2013.
    • 125 experienced graphic designers
    • Our producing site is placed at a lowest employee charge region called Bangladesh.
    • Branch Office in UK.

Our Startup Year

We are established a pre-press and a design house in 2003 with good reputation nationally. And internationally and we start the journey by Clipping Path Work House in December 2012 based in UK and Bangladesh and outsourcing company make Graphics Experts Ltd to providing best quality Clipping Path vs Background Remove, Image Masking, Image Manipulation, Image Retouching, Color Adjustments, Shadow Creation, Photo Editing, Illustration, E-commerce Image Solutions, Car Inventory Photo Background Enhancement Service and Graphics Design for web design locations Image Trader Company, Graphic Design Agency, Automotive Industry, Automobile Companies, Photographer, Photo Studios, Pre-press Companies, E-Commerce and all the other ICT, Vehicle Image Cut Out Service, Car Photo Background Replacement, Jewelry Retouching and Graphic Design Services is our main products. Our production site based in Bangladesh where we can hire people within lowest cost and that is the reason we can offer cheapest price. Our company founded in 2012 by a world graphics specialist Dr RK Molla. And we are UK based service provider and other offices are based in Bangladesh. We use updated management software & many Photoshop plugins to serve our clients so that the client can see their job progression report and we do not compromise with our quality for any price, always try to provide best services as possible. We provide 24 hours customer support and use always triple-check quality control. We are confident about our excellent and fast pace design services.


Improve Our Employees

Graphics Experts Ltd (GEL) is helping their employee to fulfill their needs so that they can clearly focus on the goal. We have friendly working environment where each employee can share their feelings with others and enjoy the time and that motivates them to work even if they need to do long shift for a while. All the employees are having cold competition between each other and getting some extra money when they cross their target. GEL also look after their family health issue when needed so that they can focus on the work as we know if our employees are not happy then we will never get the best output from them and our client will not be satisfied from our job. So we have the environment where all the employees are working as team, helping each other’s to get the job done within the time frame. All team member is very intelligent confident and discipline who progress maintaining chain of command.


Enlarge Our Scope

We are very much flexible in terms of manpower management we can increase our manpower according to our volume of work, we want to deliver the services on time to our client. The Client just need to ask us what they want. Our dedicated team always strive to make sure you are happy! Our company always agreed to enter in to a Service Level Agreement with clients. We use our proven method of training programme before manpower increase. GEL believes the particular approaching plan will providing imagery solutions for various industry like automotive, jewelry, retailers, ecommerce business and the ICT. The solutions will be a revolutionary, easy to use and affordable for any business to get the consistent images on their website in a minute. We also help our client on their branding by the web. Also we will be starting a platform of apps for the services.


We Hire People

Our experts are working hard 24/7 to get the most recognized outsource company who does handheld creative design services in the field of graphic design leading by IT - Clipping Path vs Background Remove, Vehicles Enhancement, and Image Editing from complete online graphics style organizations. We keep up strong client care through top quality and budget friendly price to satisfy our customer. Our team is very intelligent confident and disciplined with fast pace, following processes, maintaining chain of command towards their target. GEL has 125+ experts in 2013 of Image processing group, All them are student’s, graduates of Graphic Arts. Our Links follow; Clipping Path Work House, Automobile Image Editing, Photoshop Expert India, Premium Clipping Path, Image Enhance India. Our main aim; a) Effective communication. b) Reserve our Organizations in our buyers' brand helping return back the return on investment. c) Follow business life cycle and respect each other. d) Manage industry standard quality with cost-effective price. e) Develop our skills, gather experience by managing international projects. f) Use of data structures management software and quick turnaround.


Larger Achievments

We have already more than 4000 clients, almost all of them are regular those who give us work every day. GEL is processing more than 12000+ images in a day. Also we are about to offer the image enhancement services out to around 22000+ potential clients. So, we are expecting image volumes to dramatically increase quickly over the next few months. Now our total workers are 275 and almost 125 experts ready to join after their end of training ASAP. We are here for you 24/7 365 days, all the employees are divided into 3 teams so long the working hours have been divided in to 3-shifts. Each shift has an in-charge, QC officers, Supervisors and number of graphic designers. They all are working in our production department. We use Updated Method and Office Management Software by following our valuable customer’s instructions and guidance to process images and that saves time to get that pricing sort out in an effective way. In the production office we have 95 PCs, 7 Laptops, 3 ipads and we use some android phones for our office management and client supports. We always agree to enter in to a 'Service Level Agreement' with clients during the trial period (weeks or months) and following the trial (minimum of 3 month) to ensure continuity of service delivery.


Plan for Large Portals

We plan to make a model in the field of ICT. We know service portals allow users to mix and match services based on their needs and with automatic. The solution is easily integrated if you already have a portals system in place. Otherwise we need to prepare the entire system for the client to install into client’s business. For Example making travel plans or purchasing a car the service portals would be valuable. There are currently no such commercial systems yet in place but the research literature has given only cursory treatment to some of these issues. We believe that we can build large data structures management software of service platform for fast pace service. Our in future services are Web Design, Special Web header design for the business. We will prepare imaging Solutions and automatic upload/API system to client’s server and other digital marketplace.


Our Skills

We are professional DTP services provider to use our Updated Method to serve automate tedious tasks with the client satisfied in Photoshop Clipping Path, Image Editing,  Automobile Inventory Photo Background Service, Illustration and several other Graphic Design services we can offer to you!

Our Skills - About Us

  • Graphics Design
  • Image Editing
  • Clipping Path
  • Automobile Image Enhancement


Total Worker
Day Working Hours
Image Ability
Done Client

Meet Team

Rafiqul Quddus Molla


Rafiqul Quddus Molla is the honorable Chairman of this Company who is a retired Army Officer. He is brother of world famous graphics analyst Dr. RK Molla. more

Mamun Molla

Founder & Chief Executive

Mr Mamun is the main entrepreneur of business and he graduated from Graphics Art Institute and got huge experience in this field that pushed him to start this business.more

Mir khobaeb

UK Manager

Mr Mir is the international operation manager based in UK office who is managing and caring our all customers around the worldmore

Shakib Osman

Chief Operating Officer

Shakib graduated from Graphics Art Institute on the base of Graphics & Custom Design he manages the production team of the Organization.more

Apel Mahmud

Team Leader of Finance & Pricing

Apel Mahmud is the Finance analysts who is working to provide the best pricing and services to our customers.more

Murad Molla

Customer Experience & End User Manager

Mr Murad also graduated from Graphics art institute and stated work in this field got about more then 10 years experience, working as an end user and customer experience manager.more

Farhan Tanvir

Technology & Marketing Team Leader

Tanvir is our Marketing manager who is mainly responsible for SEO marketing web design and Software development, he is educated in computer programming.more