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The right enhancing can take your photo from bland to brand new. No picture looks perfect straight after it’s taken; it needs some work to get there. Thankfully, you’ve got a ton of tools at your disposal from Photoshop to truly get your image to its full potential. One of the most useful tools Photoshop has to offer is the image exposure tools. The very first thing you should do when you start working on an image is to check the exposure. You should be able to determine whether it is overexposed or underexposed. You’ll probably start off by adjusting the Shadows and Highlights but could move to using Levels to get the desired effect.

What Levels Does
When using Levels, you’ll see it takes out two birds with one tool. It can correct the range of tones in an image as well as correcting the color balance. So, you’ll be able to correct the color of your image as well as the exposure without having to use several different tools just to get the image exposure and color to match. With levels, you’ll see a histogram so you can truly see the range of each tone in your picture, don’t worry; you’ll learn to work with a histogram instead of against it. If your histogram is more to the left side, you have a darker image and it is potentially underexposed. If your histogram is more to the right side, your image could be overexposed and too bright. The middle slider shows the pixels which are neither highlights nor shadows.

Some Things to Keep in Mind
If you overdo an image with image exposure, it will be noticeable. As with every type of image editing, the goal is to make the picture look natural while still being better than the original version. Start with small adjustments instead of immediately jumping to make big changes, this way; you’ll see what works without ruining the image. Add in contrast bit by bit so you’ll notice the picture really standing out and looking its best. Image exposure is powerful and can really help a photo to look its best version, just don’t overdo or underdo it!