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How to Use Multiple Clipping Path Effectively in Photoshop
Most persons think that producing quality images in a platform like Photoshop is very easy and fast. How wrong can they actually be? The truth is that you need more commitment and persistence whenever you are trying to create standout images using Photoshop multiple clipping path feature.

Multiple Clipping Path

Using the clipping path is one of the most notable and outstanding features of adobe Photoshop but only a few group of persons can really understand how to put this feature to good and effective use. Are you one of those struggling to make the needed impacts in your Photoshop designs using its multiple clipping path feature? Then relax and read this write up below from start to finish because you will not only learn how to do it but you will become pro in no time.

Just follow the steps and you will be fine.

Always Use Your Pen Tool
Most people underestimate the use of the pen in making an effective use of the clipping path feature in Photoshop.

Some don’t even feel comfortable making use of it because they feel it is difficult. If you can’t make good use of the pen tool then you may not be able to use the multiple clipping path feature in an effective way. Locate the pen tool and continuously hold on it for some seconds then you will be able to see other subsidiary tools that you can use for this process. Some of the tools that you will find are:

  • Convert point tool
  • Delete anchor point tool
  • The pen tool its self
  • Add anchor point tool

Without a good knowledge of when to use these tools and when not to, you may not be able to effectively use the path feature of this application.

Always Trace the Image
You need to make sure that the edges of the image are properly traced to see to it that there is anti – aliasing. The reason for this is to have any blue ghost that may want to surface around the final cut out of the image removed. Tracing doesn’t require any kind of special skill to perfect. Just play around the image and you will be fine. Meanwhile, make sure that when you are choosing a saving path you don’t choose flat image.

Have Cut Out Edges Softened
This is where the multiple clipping path feature can get a bit complex. Sometimes after doing the above, it is possible that your images or object may just be out of focus. At this point, you should learn how to use your layer effectively to create a more realistic object. This is because you will need to have a new layer created so as to have a layer mask for the image.

In summary of the above, it is obvious that using the clipping path feature of Photoshop can be very helpful in the process of creating a professional image.